Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yesterday was full of the awesome!  Yes, I hit my 2000 words, did some revising and moving around and am in position to write the black moment, the resolution, and the END of the book!

And I did take myself for a pedicure and a manicure.  Very nice hour relaxing.  And then.... and then....  I gathered up my weenie courage and went to a local tattoo parlor.

A bit of an explanation.  I turn 50 in less than 2 weeks.  A friend of mine and I have said since 2007 that we would both get tattoos when we turned 50.  Her birthday is on Easter Sunday this year.  (She's OLDER than me! LOL!)

Then on top of that, my wonderful and amazing agent who turns 40 next week, went and got a tattoo, her first.  I had no idea we were so much alike! (LOL!)

Anyway, I went in and talked to the guy and looked at his art.  I asked about cost and time.  Oh, and level of pain.  Then I left.  My problem is that I still haven't chosen exactly WHAT I want to wear on my body for the rest of my life.  It needs to mean something, you know.  And also, I don't know WHERE I want to place my body art.  I'm thinking right shoulder.  (I was thinking tail bone, but my daughter flipped out and said I was "too old for a tramp stamp")  I still might do tail  bone .  Don't know.

So I am perusing tattoo art on line.  And I've gotten two other recommendations for tattoo artist by people who are pleased with the results.  Both are in Ft Worth.  But first, I need to decide on the tattoo itself.

Wish me luck!

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