Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Since writing is, by nature, a solitary profession, one thing we miss out on is having writing friends to either critique with, brainstorm with, or simply talk writing.  My best writing buddy moved to another state and I sure miss meeting with her at Starbucks or The Cotton Patch and hashing out our works in progress.

But she still does miracles by email.
On the book I'm working on (due May 1st), I was puzzling over the black moment and the suspense resolution.  I emailed her for brainstorming help, she responded with several suggestions, and after mulling them over, I think she talked me right out of my writing hole!  Very cool.  Yes, I will have to go back and insert a few more clues and change some minor details, but it's doable and workable and actually enhances the romantic climax as well (pun intended!)

So back to work I go.  Aside from an eye doctor exam tomorrow, I'm taking the day off from the day job and dedicating my day to working on this book.  I'm so close to the end!!!


Regina Richards said...

Hope it was a productive day. Every writer should have a crit partner like yours - one who can reach in, when you reach out, and pull you up out of a hole.

Karen Whiddon said...

Thanks Regina! That's exactly what she did. And now I'm moving forward and revising.