Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It's been crazy busy around my house and I'm tired.  The kind of deep, all the way to the bone, exhaustion that is party mental.  I know part of it is depression due to what's going on with my mother and separately, my father (note, I wrote a LONG whiny post about them and didn't publish it.)

I still have not turned in the two synopsis's.  The one for the Romantic Suspense is fine.  I need to redo the Nocturne one.  It's way too dark.

I'm trying to help out Legacy Boxer Rescue by volunteering on the Shelter Committee, but my software and computers are complicating things and I'm frustrated.  It's tempting to quit, and I'm not a quitter EVER, but maybe I picked a bad time to try and do more and I've bit off more than I can chew (cliche alert!)

Anyway, over at one of my favorite blogs, they are talking about Milestones.  What they hope to achieve in the next few months.  Check out their posts HERE

In that vein, here are mine;

1.  Continue to walk, monitor calories, and lose one pound a week.  Introduce weights again.

2.  Set aside some time to work on a separate book project from my series ones.

3.   Make sure and  take time for me and try not to feel like I'm responsible for everything and everyone.

4.  Find my foster dog Katniss her forever home.

There.  That's it for now.

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