Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday, I finally sent the two synopsis's to my agent, so I'm done with that.  Yay me!

I'm still a bit down.  It's really hard adjusting to trying to live off the income a writer makes as opposed to making a good salary plus the writing income.  My husband keeps saying I need to make more money.  I also feel like I haven't done enough - picked a really awful time and maybe that's part of this - and I should have written a single title by now for my agent to shop around.

I wish I could help my mother, but I can't.  It's really hard to watch her suffer so.

And once again, this post is a big downer.  So.... to improve that (and to cheer myself up), here are the tings I'm grateful for:

My husband, who loves me and allows me to have a housecleaning service come in every other week.

My daughter, who still wants to have mother-daughter nights even though she's grown.

My brothers, who both share the burdens and listen.

My friend and critique partner, Anna Adams, who is always there for me.

My dogs, whom I adore.

Legacy Boxer Rescue, for caring so much and letting me help.

My home and my pool and the fact that I do have the ability to write.

The fact that I have a lot of other interests as well - I want to relearn how to knit, I like to read, and paint, and train dogs, and cook.  I also have certain television shows I follow.

My imagination, which supplies me with a never-ending array of writing ideas.

My amazing editor, Patience Bloom, who truly cares.

My wonderful agent, Lucienne Diver, who is always looking out for me.

And my belief in what exists after death, so that when my mother does pass, I'll be somewhat comforted knowing she's out of pain and in a better place.


Anna Adams said...

Karen, I wish I could do something to ease your sadness. You are such a good and sweet friend, and this is such a hard time. I hope you know how much I treasure your friendship, how grateful I am that I stumbled into you in TX and found a lifelong friend.

Hugs to you. Hugs and hugs and more hugs.

Unknown said...

Karen, Following you. Hugs and hugs.