Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Patriot Day

Back when I had a Wordpress blog and had hundreds, even thousands of readers per day (not sure why that changed when I went to Blogger), every year on 9-11, I'd post a picture of a flag, with four simple words under it - Always remember, never forget.

This year, while of course I will always remember and never, ever forget that day in 2001 when our entire world changed, two years ago I made a happy memory to help with a sad day.

Two years ago on this day, Lonnie and I drove to Oklahoma and picked up our new puppy.  We named her Liberty Belle in honor of this day.  She has been the sweetest, most wonderful dog I could ask for.

Here are some pictures from that day.

She turned two in July.  We love her.  She's a great dog.

Happy Gotcha Day, Libby!

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