Monday, April 14, 2014

Winter's Last Stand

Well, I made it to the gym five days last week.  I was sore, but ready to work on Saturday morning when I showed up at 7 am to unload roses for Legacy Boxer Rescue's Roses for Rescue event.  This is one of our biggest fundraisers each year.  Two of our volunteers who own Roses USA donate the flowers and bring them in from Tyler.

At 7 am, the semi rolled into the lot and also a box truck.  Volunteers were ready.  They offloaded the pallets, we undid the shrink wrap and began the set up.

It was a nice day, mostly cloudy, in the 70's and later 80's.  Perfect weather, except for the unrelenting wind.

We also ran a garage sale at the same time.

I baked 3 dozen muffins and took them for volunteers to eat for breakfast.  Racetrack arrived with free coffee.

And we worked.  There were tons of flowers.  I grabbed the ones I wanted to purchase and loaded them in my car.  And paid.  Many other people did the same.

Here is part of it, all set up.   Multiply this times 3 and you have an idea of how many flowers we had.

And the customers arrived.  They came in droves.  We wrote their tickets, loaded up wagons and carts, and toted their flowers to their cars.  I had Lonnie bring me a cap as the wind was crazy.  I was glad I'd put on SPF50 sunscreen.

At 11:30, the volunteers who'd camped overnight began grilling burgers and hot dogs.  Others had brought salads - pasta, potato, Chinese noodle, and deviled eggs.  Buns and condiments and everything.

I was starving.  My friend Denice had brought some turkey burgers so we ate those.

By 1 pm, I was exhausted.  Grimy and sweaty, and I hadn't thought about my pulled tendon until this day. My ankle was all swollen and I could barely walk.  Ack.  I'm actually wearing my brace today.  And yes, I did go back to the gym.

Here are some picture collages others took of the events - I got these from Facebook, off Legacy Boxer Rescue's page.

There we lots of dogs in attendance.  And we raised $27,521 for Boxers in need!

An awesome day.  Even if I was way too tired to even plant my flowers on Sunday.

And today old man Winter decided he needed one last hurrah before Spring.  Yesterday it was 80.  This morning it was 44 when I woke up.  It's blustery and overcast and chilly.  Tonight there is a freeze/frost warning, so I'm glad I didn't plant.  I put my flowers in the greenhouse until after the possible freeze.

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