Wednesday, April 9, 2014


One word sums up how I feel this morning.  Sore.  My poor body is shocked that I'm working out again.  My legs hurt, my abs hurt, and my arms hurt - which is sad since the upper body workout is tomorrow.

Monday, I worked Core.  Tuesday, lower body.  Today - Wednesday - I just did cardio, 10 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the treadmill, occasional jogging, mostly walking on an incline.

Tomorrow is upper body, Friday is core again.  And Saturday is Roses for Rescue, in which I will be working.  I'll be there at 7 am to help unload the plants from the trucks.  They come in huge pallets and a forklift takes them out of the truck and puts them on the ground.  Someone removes the shrink wrap and then we volunteers carry them to where they need to go.  Gardening gloves come in handy.  So does sunblock and Chap-stick and water.

So by Sunday, I will have worked out 6 days this week.  Surprisingly, I don't mind it as much as I thought. My trick is, get up, eat a Greek Yogurt (low sugar too), and go.  Before I do anything else.  I'm usually there before 8.  That way, it's over and done with and I can devote the rest of the day to writing and foster committee stuff for Legacy.

I'm working on revisions right now.  For the first time in this book, I came across a change request that I didn't like.  It was more of a suggestion, but it stopped me cold.  I decided to think about it and move on.  I made a note of where it was so I could go back.

During all of this time, I've been doing battle with my eyes.  It's difficult to see and read and work, which makes life... interesting.  I went to my eye doctor on Feb 24 (yes, nearly 2 months ago).  She gave me a prescription, told me if it didn't help, I'd need prisms.  (I looked up prisms in eyeglasses and wow.)  So the new prescription didn't make anything better, I called her, she prescribed these prisms.  It takes 10 days to get my glasses back since Visionworks has to send them out.  I get the prisms, still can't read.  I can see everything great, but can't read.  I go back to the eye doctor, they say the glasses are made wrong, go back to Visionworks, who says no, they're made correctly.  Back to the eye doctor, who says Ooops, I might have made a mistake on your astigmatism in your right eye.  Back to Visionworks, eyeglasses remade.  And I still can't read.  Now the right eye is great, but I can't see out of the left. It's all blurry.  And I can only read if the book is held at arms length.  Back to the eye doctor, who reruns the eye exam and concludes the prescription is correct.  Sorry, she says to me.  If you can't see, it's not my fault.

What?  Oh, your eyeglasses must be made wrong.  I ask if I really need these prisms.  After all, I'm 52 and have never had them.  She insists I do.  She has someone look over the glasses who says the left eye is made wrong - the prism is wrong.  Too bad I didn't get my glasses made by them, she says.  (At 5 times the price). I go back to Visionworks (who have been wonderful through all this) and they recheck again and say the glasses are made properly.

So here I am.  I can't see.  It's not the eye doctor's fault (according to her).  It's not Visionworks' fault (according to them.)  Therefore, it must be my fault?  What?  So I'm having the glasses made to the prescription without the prism.  If I still can't see, then I have no choice but to go find another eye doctor and have an exam done.  And Visionworks said they will remake the glaasses.

I've worn glasses since I was 18 months old.  I have never had this happen.  I consider myself lucky.

Back to work, sore body and crappy eyesight, and all.

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