Monday, April 7, 2014

Ordinary Life

I've been so bad about blogging.  I turned in my book on time, and then got a hair cut, went to the dentist, did a Home Visit for Legacy Boxer Rescue, and messed around with my next book, which I intend to start writing today.  (YAY!)

Also, I finally, finally went back to the gym.  My membership was kept up and never expired, so all I had to do was show up.  That's half the battle, right?

I started going to this gym in 2009.  My husband gave me 30 days of personal training for my birthday that year.  I bought more after that, and lost 20 pounds.  I was in great shape too, with definition and everything.

Lots of things happened after two years of working out.  I hurt my tendon, had to do physical therapy.  My mom was sick.  And I got lazy.  I came to believe I hated the gym, hated working out, hated sweating.

So I stopped.  Not sure when exactly.  Maybe late 2012, Maybe 2013.  I know I haven't been in a year, at least.  And I've gained almost all the weight back.


So today, I went back.  I bought this book.  It has a bunch of six week workouts, targeting core, lower body, and upper body.  I will do them five days a week,  do only cardio one day, and take one day off.  I made a notebook to bring with me and record reps and weight.  After I finish the first six weeks, I move into the next, and then the third.  It's like having a personal trainer.  Sort of.

I had read another book that said one should pretend working out is their second, part time job.  Set a time everyday and simply show up.  Like you would at a job.  Even if you didn't feel like it, because we have to go to work even if we don't want to.  That works for me.

So I've changed up my routine a little bit.  I will be going every morning now.  No choice.  It's my new job. I'm going to get back in shape, lose the weight, and improve my muscle tone.

I bet I'll be a lot happier too.

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