Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We've had a fair bit of rain, and the flowers I planted are doing great.  Here's my newest rose bush.

And the gardenias and impatiens.

That brings me happiness.

Yesterday, I went to a new eye doctor and had a new exam.  He disagreed with my prescription (duh, since I couldn't see) and said I don't need prisms.  He was very thorough and I liked him.  I took the new script to Visionworks and fingers crossed this time (fifth remake) I will be able to see.

Today I took my sweet girl Liberty Belle to the vet.  You may remember she had anal gland surgery in December of last year and had a mass removed.  Now she has another mass and is scheduled to have the anal glad removed as well.  Tomorrow.  Prayers for her, as I am very worried.  I love my sweet brindle boxer girl.  And she's only two years old.

That surgery was a bugger last time and the recovery worse.  I am so worried for her.  I love her so much.

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