Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 2

Wow, am I out of shape.  I used to put the resistance on the elliptical machine at 12-13 and do it easily for 30 minutes, barely breaking a sweat.  Now, I put it on 5-6 and 10 minutes in, I'm huffing like nobody's business.  And perspiring.

Today was my second workout.  It was a lower-body workout (yesterday was Core.)  And lunges - whoa, nellie.  I used to do the length of the gym carrying 12 pound weights, and back.  No weights, length of the gym once, and I thought I'd die.  One of the trainers, the only one left from before the gym was sold to a new owner, recognized me and said hello.  He also corrected my form on the lunges, told me to go slower and put my hands on my hips.  I was very grateful for that.

Squats - I actually had to use the exercise ball to brace my back against the wall.  Like a total newbie. Which, I guess I am.  I'm starting all over, and all the hard work I blew off by slacking, is gone in the wind.

My fault.  I need to make sure it never happens again.  My new job - getting my body back in shape.

What's funny is I'm sore from the workout yesterday.  And the old me would consider it lightweight.  Planks - I used to be able to hold one for 2 minutes.  Now, barely 15 seconds.  Sad, sad, sad.

But I'm glad I went back.  And my body is too.

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