Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Free Day

When my daughter was in First or Second grade, every Friday they'd have Friday Free Day.  Each kid would get to bring his or her favorite toy to school and play with it at recess.  We were poor (I was a single mom at the time) and I'd write her name on everything in black magic marker and instruct her not to lose it.   I didn't tell her the real reason was because I couldn't afford to replace it if she did.

Years later, she told me I made her paranoid, thinking someone was going to steal her toys.  Ah well, best intentions and all.

Today marks the end of two solid weeks of working out every single day (Monday through Friday, and with Roses for Rescue last Saturday, I'd say Saturday too.)  The scale didn't want to move at first and the end of week one had me UP two pounds!  I've been diligently following the workouts and using Wednesday for cardio, and finally at the end of this week, the two extra pounds came off, as well as two more.

It's funny because I go to the gym at the same time every day.  There's this woman who could be a fitness model - she's so toned and strong.  I watch her workout with awe - she does lunges carrying forty pound over her shoulders.  She is my model for what I'd like to look like, and I am well aware of how hard she has had to work to get there.  And work to maintain.

On the other side, one of the trainers was training this woman who kept complaining.  This is too hard, she whined.  I need less weight.  And then one of her friends showed up and she talked instead of working out. Apparently, she once used to be very fit, because she kept talking about the workouts she used to do.  And she was young too - maybe in her mid-twenties.

It's like the way I've been on the writing front.  I think I just needed a break.  I did the revisions on the Colton book, piddled around with the new Nocturne, but wrote very little.  And yesterday the revisions came on All or Nothing.  I haven't started them yet.  I'll start Monday.

It's Good Friday.  Good enough of an excuse to take the day off.

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