Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today, I'm talking writing.  Ah, I can hear you saying.  About time. 

Yes, I am a writer.  A full-time, professional author.  I've just started a new book, telling the story of two minor characters from my September Nocturne The Lost Wolf's Destiny.  The minute I met Kane, I knew I had to tell his story. 

So I sent in the synopsis (haven't heard back yet) and now I've started.

I'm a very uncertain writer.  I used to rewrite my beginning, over and over and over, not quite certain where exactly I wanted to start.  Nowadays, I don't do that - it's counter-productive and I am always on deadline.  I just start, dive in, and then when I'm finished, I go back and tinker with the beginning.  So far, it seems to be working out. 

But at first, my writing is tentative.  I'm getting to know the characters, and learning about them.  I usually hit full stride about chapter 4 or 5. 

A long time ago, I used to have a problem with the so-called "sagging middle".  As in, the middle part of the story falters and... well, sags.  I don't have that problem any longer.  36 books, and I know how to keep things interesting. 

Nope, my problem is beginnings and endings.  I've mentioned before how the endings weigh on me - I need emotion, not too much, but enough.  Sometimes, I get it right (like the book I just turned in, Texas Lies, Lover's Secrets.)  I hope and pray with every book that the perfect ending will occur to me, and most times it does. 

Back to the beginning.  I've learned it's best to open with dialogue.  Reveal some of the backstory, but not too much - just enough to pique the reader's interest.  And that's where I am now.  Working on the beginning of what promises to be a very interesting - and romantic - story!

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