Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Musings

Well, today I'm taking a day off from writing (at least on fiction!)  I turned in the book, turned in the synopsis for my next Nocturne, and finished (yes!) the line edits on the book that I just turned in.  I'm one happy writer, full of joy!

To celebrate, my wonderful husband took me out to breakfast.  We went to Ole South Pancake House in Fort Worth.  As usual, it was delish!  I ate too much food, but Lonnie helped me finish - he ate over half my pancakes and part of my omelet in addition to his corned beef and hash and eggs!

My little foster dog Katniss is coming right along.  We're still working patiently and slowly on introducing her to my personal dogs.  She has some scars that might be from getting into fights with other dogs (or might be from abuse), but she clearly is terrified of my three.  When they try to sniff noses with her, she snarls.  Last night my two Boxers were sleeping on the couch and Mitchell was in Lonnie's recliner with him while we watched TV.  I went and got her and put her up in my recliner with me.  She couldn't stop shaking, she was so terrified.  I let her try to settle and kept her there for about 20 minutes, before putting her back behind the baby gate. 

It will take time and patience.  That's one of the lessons I need to learn in this lifetime, so the Creator is making sure to send me lots of situations where I must use it.

Other than that, life is humming along.  I'm cooking chicken cacciatore in the crockpot for dinner.  I might make a loaf of homemade bread to go with it. 

I'll probably start noodling around with the new story tomorrow.  We'll see.  But for today, it's a free day and I plan to enjoy it!

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