Monday, April 1, 2013


Sometimes, revisions can seem insurmountable and impossible.  I finished my book on Wednesday and sent it to two of my friends (both published authors) to read.    They were AWESOME and worked their butts off, reading and advising and giving me pages of notes to make the story better.

I started revising on Thursday.  Worked Friday, spent all day Saturday working.  I had to take Easter off due to family matters, but I'm back at it this morning.  I had to email my editor to let her know I needed a few more days.  I haven't (as of this writing) heard back yet, but I'm sure it will be ok. 

I've had books like this before that needed a lot of work and they turned out to be some of my best books.  Fingers crossed this will be the same.

So in case you wonder where I've been, I haven't forgotten about you, my blog readers.  I'm just working. 

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