Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Musings

I am new to the world of animal rescue.  I always knew there were so many of them - lost and scared and abandoned and mistreated, crying for help.  But now, I have an intimate look.  I see the ones the owners no longer wanted and dumped off in the shelter.  There is one right now whose owners dumped her in a shelter and she won't stop screaming.  Screaming.  They are about to put her to sleep if someone doesn't foster her soon.  The kind hearted shelter workers moved her to a bed in their office to stop the screaming, but she's so terrified...  They can't do this forever.  It absolutely breaks my heart.  I've heard a dog scream before, and it's the most awful sound.  They only do it when absolutely terrified or in great pain.  Poor girl.  What the hell did she do to deserve this?  Nothing. 

This one, I can't help.  And there have been others - far too many others.  At the last minute, somone (bless them) has stepped up and saved them.  But I'm worried about htis little girl.  I've been praying for her.  Praying someone will take her.  I can't - I already have my hands full with my three personal dogs and one foster. 

I promise I won't post all the time about this subject.  It's just right now weighing heavily on my mind. 

I'll update when I know what happens.  Hopefully, it will be good news.

UPDATE 4-23-13

Another rescue group stepped in and saved that girl.  I'm so happy.

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