Friday, April 19, 2013

Country Girl

At heart, I'm a country girl.  If I could, I'd live somewhere like Pennsylvania, in a rambling old farmhouse, with acres of fields and trees.  (or in Delaware, or Vermont, or Massachusettes, or... you get the idea) 

In the country.  Surrounded by trees and rolling hills. 

Every time I visit a new state, I look for places where I could live, where I feel at home.  In Oklahoma, there was an area near the northeast corner where there are bluffs and trees and rolling hills.  Even here in Texas, I've found little pockets of space where I think, hmmm, I could live there.  But mostly, the eastern US calls to me.  Maybe that's because it's where my ancestors settled, where I was born, where I spent my formative years.   As kids, we traveled the east coast with our camper trailer, visiting not only historic small towns, but amazingly beautiful spaces.  Something I long to do now, if only I could convince my husband this was a good idea.

Don't get me wrong.  I love mountains and the ocean too, but most of all, I love the land.  There's an island off Seattle where there was a house for sale.  It was oceanfront, so WAY out of my price range.  But it also had land.  Three acres, I think.  And even though I've never been there, that place called to me.  If I was rich, I would have flown out there immediately, toured the property, and probably purchased it.  Because there was everything.   Sea and mist and trees and.... land.  Beautiful, verdant, green land.

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