Friday, March 15, 2013

Ummmm. Friday

Today's going to be one of those random post Fridays.  Freaky Friday?  No.  Frivolous Friday? Nah.
Ok, so we'll stick with just "Friday".  Come to think of it, this post is too serious for any kind of moniker.

I have wanted to volunteer for animal rescue for a long time.  First I said, once I no longer work full time.  Once I began working from home, I filled out an application and they came back saying since my female Boxer (then a puppy) wasn't spayed, I couldn't volunteer.

So.  Time passed, she got older, I got her spayed.  I filled out the application and planned to send it in right after Christmas.  And my husband Lonnie had health issues.

So now.  Yesterday on Facebook, Legacy Boxer rescue posted a dog they were pulling from an area shelter.  No matter that he wasn't pure Boxer (usually they only rescue Boxers).  This pup had been starved and had Demodex Mange so bad that his skin had become infected.  He was emaciated and so weak he could barely move.  They were going to pull him this morning, but desperately needed a foster home.

I couldn't not volunteer.  I contacted the head of the rescue, sent my app in and scanned and emailed my dogs medical records.  I talked to my husband and we were prepared to try and help this dog any way we could. 

But another person, already an approved foster home, stepped in.  The dog is now at the vet, where they are trying to save his life.  His body temp is only 93 (normal is around 102).  They are asking for prayers.  I gave those, of course.  Everytime they post a picture of him, I cry.  How anyone could do such a thing to a poor, defenseless animal, astounds me.

I'm glad someone stepped in to help him.  But I'm now ready to try and do my part.  Some people are called to volunteer with the homeless (Hai Lavenia and Dixie), others work with children.  My calling is to help with animals.  This is what I want to do.  So I emailed the Boxer Rescue and asked them to continue to process my application, so I could be approved for the next dog that needed urgent help. 

When I was in church the other Sunday, something the pastor said resonated with me.  This happens frequently, as in the "Forgiveness of others is a gift you give yourself."  This time, the pastor said "It's time to take action when God calls on you to help.  Quit saying someday.  Do it.  Do it now."

And so I will.  I will do whatever I am able, to help those poor creatures who cannot help themselves.  I don't have a lot of spare money, so I can't give a lot of that.  But I do have time.  And love.  This, I can give.

Author's note:  A few hours after I posted this, that poor, abused dog passed away.  Despite the vet's efforts to save him, his poor heart gave out.  I hope there's a special place in hell for whoever treated this dog that way.  My heart is broken.

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