Friday, March 8, 2013


It;'s Friday.  I have several random thoughts to post today, some of them on writing and others not.

My friend Stephanie Doyle has an awesome post today Storytelling Rules about how, even after 15 published books, she still feels like she doesn't know what she's doing.  Her newest Harlequin SuperRomance is out and I can guarantee you it's a good read.  Check out her blog too - it hit a chord with me too.  (I seriously typed a comment, it said it was accepted, and it never showed up.  I tried again, same deal.  I just don't get it!!)

Anyway, the book I'm writing right now will be my 36th published book.  And, like Stephanie, I often feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.   She nentions she can't tell the difference between the book that got nominated for a Rita last year (which I read, and it was fabulous!) and any other book she's written.  I'm the same way about my books.  The book I have coming out in September - The Lost Wolf's Destiny - is one my agent says is my best book yet.  She said that about The Wolf Prince too, which is out now.  Yet, like Stephanie, each and every book is my favorite while I'm writing it.  Some, like the The Millionaire Cowboy's Secret, which is out in May, I'll never forget because that's the one that I accidently deleted, permanently, I may add, the last two chapters within five minutes of finishing the book.  I spent the entire Saturday before the book was due rewriting - as best I could from memory - the last forty pages.  Oy!

But as to what's good and what's great - well, that's entirely subjective.  (Side note, I just finished reading Kristan Higgins The Best Man.  Loved that book - adore all of her books.  And Romantic Times gave that book a 2.  Yep.  And for all of the reasons I loved it.  I had even commented to my friend Anna Adams how well Kristan Higgins writes men.  Shrug.)

I can give writer tips to non-published writers, but since everything seems to change book to book, what might be a valid tool on one book is not on another.  Yep, there's stuff I learn inherently over time and many books, but there is also stuff  I struggle with on each and every book.  Sometimes it's different stuff.  Go figure.

I'm finally over my cold (yay!) mostly.  However, the cold store from hell has struck, so I'm stuck in the house until that goes away. 

Simple pleasures - still adore my Sodastream.  Just had to refill the CO2 cartridge.  I have every flavor and enjoy making diffent ones each day.  Both my daughter and my father have/had birthdays this month, and both wanted a Keurig, so it will be interesting to see how they like those. 

Last random thought - I'm so glad the United States finally passed the Violence Against Women Act.  Those of you who know me are aware I've lived through that horror a long time ago and by the grace of God, I made it without getting killed.  Yet the terror/shame/sorrow of those times never leaves me, and I am so glad that other women will get the help I never could.  And I hope and pray that it saves lives.

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you on the other side.

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