Monday, March 4, 2013


I have been sick all weekend.  It's just a cold, but it's that kind of annoying cold that keeps you up all night.  I've gone through more boxes of tissue than I care to count (I should have bought stock in Puffs!)

I was feeling too cruddy to go out to eat on Friday night, though on Saturday I sucked it up and went to breakfast since it was my daughter's birthday.  I also went on a short shopping expidition with her - she bought SHOES!  I can see she inherited that trait from me.

But yesterday I even skipped church.  I didn't take to my bed though - I have had enough trouble sleeping at night.  I've loaded up on the Mucinex D and the generic Zyrtech, plus I've got Halls Mentho-Liptis.  And coffee, hot tea, and even cocoa.  I have work to do after all - the book is now due in less than a month.

It's really hard to write when you can't stop sneezing, your eyes are watering, and your head feels ten sizes too big! Not to mention the sore, runny nose.  Blech.  I hate colds.  But I still have to write.

So off to finish checking email so I can get to work.  And hoping my Rudolph-like nose finally clears up!

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