Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, Monday. Can't Trust That Day

Here we are.  Monday again.  I had a lovely start to the weekend - we went to the lake on Friday and that night had our very first camp fire of 2012.

The temperature was lovely - high sixties, so comfortable for sitting outside and relaxing. 

Even as it got darker, it never got really cold. 

While at the lake, I realized there is a feral dog living in the cove.  The lake is down and most of the cover is completely dry.  I saw the dog footprints in the muck and then I saw the dog.

I even got out binoculars.  It appears to be a purebred German Shepherd female who has had puppies at some point, though not recently as her teats didn't appear full of milk.  She's living in some tall (over six foot) rushes at one end of the cove.  One of the other residents around the cove is feeding her, though I can still see her ribs.  She is terrified of people.  It looked like the person who is feeding her also has a huge live trap set and I'm thinking he's going to start moving her food bucket closer and closer to the trap until it's inside it.  I watched her walk through the water (up to her belly!) and across the cove to eat. 

For a dog lover like me, this is torture.  I hope she will be okay.  I wish I could get a rescue group out there to use a tranquiler gun or something and trap her.  Otherwise, I fear she will not make it over the winter.  And since I won't be down there next weekend, I won't know how it goes.

And more - my husband's aunt Ethel passed away on Saturday from a massive heart attack.  I won't be able to attend the funeral as I've already purchased plane tickets to fly to White Plains, NY for the Novelist's Inc conference.  I did order flowers this morning.  Aunt Ethel was a kind hearted lady and will be sorely missed. 

I also got edits for The Wolf Prince which will be out in April 2013.  I got them now, right before I go to the conference, but they appear to be line edits, which are easier than regular edits/revisions.  I'm glad, since I did all those back in May. 

Today is also the day my mom finds out the results of her latest CT Scan and learns if the cancer has spread.  Praying for good news on that front.  Her platelets got really low from the Chemo and she had to have a blood transfusion on Friday.   Your prayers would be appreciated!

So I've got to pack and do edits and try not to worry or stress.  Wish me luck, please.

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