Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally Autumn

This morning when I got up, it was 40 degrees outside!  Yesterday, it never got above 54.  Saturday's high was 57.  To me, that's autumn.

We went to the Legacy Boxer Rescue's fund raiser on Saturday.  Mums and Roses, it's called.  I brought my little girl Boxer Libby.  This was her first outing among other dogs and people (I waited way too long), and she did well.  She does a bit of submissive urinating at first, but she was wiggly and happy to see other people - especially kids.  She greeted several other dogs, though there was one other female that growled at her and she growled back.

I got some beautiful mums.

I can't wait until they open.

This kind of weather makes me happy.  Yesterday I made a chicken, sweet potato, and collard green soup.  It's one of our favoritesand it always turns out yummy.

It's a lot of chopping (it also has onions and celery), but it's worth it.  I made such a huge pot, we'll be having it for dinner again tonight.

Usually, I make a loaf of homemade bread, but this time I splurged and bought garlic pull-apart bread at Super Target.  It too was delicious.

And now, completely revitalized and rejuvinated, I can start back to work on my book.  Fantastic weekends have a way of making everything better.  As does cooler weather.

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