Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday and October

It's finally October and this morning it actually felt like Autumn.  When I walked, it was only 61 degrees outside and sunny.  Lovely!

We went to the lake this weekend.  It started raining Friday night and was still raining Sunday when we left.  That area got nearly 4 inches of rain - and they needed it!  Even our small cove had a noticable rise in water.

I enjoyed it tremendously.  On Saturday morning, it was a steady, soft type of rain.  We have a covered patio, so we sat outside and drank our coffee.   Lovely and cool and so relaxing.

By Saturday afternoon, it started to pour.  And the wind began to blow.  So we had to move into the camper.  The dogs weren't too thrilled, but I was.  I wrote and I read.  All day.

It was very refreshing.  And I loved it.  I'm re-reading The Passage to get ready for the release of the sequel The Twelve later this month.  I have it on pre-order for my Kindle. 

Of course, now I'm home.  I had laundry to do and groceries to buy - I got that all done yesterday.  Today is catching up on emailes, I have a blog I need to do for EHarlequin, and I made a huge crockpot full of beef stew.  I can smell it simmering all the way upstairs in my office.   I'm going to make homemade bread too.  Perfect fall fair. 

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