Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back East!

I am currently in White Plains, NY at the Novelists, Inc. conference.  Yesterday - just about all day - was a travel day for me.  I had a layover in Phillie, then a prop plane ride her to White Plains.  On the shuttle ride to the hotel, I got to see a lot of fall foliage - OMG how I've missed that.  And I can see some from my hotel room.  Makes me long to get out and about - if my husband was here with me, we'd probably have rented a car and stayed longer so we could drive around and explore the area.  So beautiful!

And this conference.  One day under my belt, and what a day!  I've learned so much and heard from so many people in the industry!  I've got two more days - I fly home Sunday morning - and am sure I'll be chock full of info!   Loving it.  Best.  Conference.  Ever.  Well worth every penny.

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