Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time Got Away

So time got away from me and all that shitz.  I've been buried in working on the galleys and now I've got to turn my attention to the short (thank goodness) synopsis that's due 6-20.  I have a books (yikes!) due July 1st and STILL haven't had the synopsis (that I turned in on 3-15! and rewrote and returned in) approved.  It makes me a bit nervous, especially since I'm nearly at 50,000 words written of a 70,000 word book. 

We had to replace our hot water heater and the plumber is here now removing the old one, after which time he'll reinstall the new one.  It's much more expensive than I thought (isn't it always), but once it's done, it's done.  Right?

I was going to try to take my mom on a short trip to Biloxi, MS (the Beau Rivage periodically sends me free airfare and hotel as they're part of the M-Group, ie; Vegas = gambling = me like).  But I waited too long to call and it was all booked.  Which is disappointing for both me and my mom, but at least it won't interfere with the Chemo she's about to start.  Assuming she does start it - she appears to be wavering on whether or not she will.  Basically, the purpose is to prolong her life a few months, but she's not sure if the quality of life will deteriorate and make those few months worthless.  It's a decision only she can make. 

So I'd better get back to work, but I didn't want my little blog to think I've been neglecting it (and you, dear reader!)

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Regina Richards said...

My mother faced the same decision. In the end she chose to do chemo as long as the cancer was only below the neck, but insisted that once it reached the brain she would stop chemo. She lived 18 months longer than expected and when it appeared in her brain she quit chemo. She felt like that was a good decision for her.