Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Short equals more difficult

As I'm working on the Nocturne online read, I'm again reminded how hard it is to write a complete story in just 10,000 words or 50 pages.  I haven't written one since I did a couple of Nocturne Bites back in 2008 and 2009.  While I do enjoy the short (6 page) chapters, I am again reminded of all the extra (and unnecessary) words I tend to use when I write.  Cut, cut, cut.  Ruthless.  And Painful.

I'm just about finished Chapter 3 and moving on to 4.  I can't Fast Draft this because I have to write very tight and sparingly.  So my internal editor is having a field day and I'm questioning every word choice, every scene.  Not good.  But I should finish the first draft before the end of the week, despite a dentist appt today and a mammogram on Wednesday. 

Oddly enough, since I became a full time writer, I completely resent external errands and appointments.  I used to relish them, because they got me out of the day job office and I got a break from customers and employees.  Now, they only interfere with my writing.

Speaking of which...  Wish me luck.

Here's a picture of my writing space.

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