Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music is as integral to my life as books.  I have a huge CD collection and an even larger I-Tunes collection.  I tend to make playlists for each book I write, playing the same songs or artists over and over while I write.  I'm working on a Nocturne called The Wolf Prince, companion to a book I've already turned in called The Wolf Princess which is scheduled to come out in 2012. 

I'm listening to the music of my adolescence.  Journey, Bob Seger, James Taylor, Bob Dylan.  I'd forgotten how much I loved this music.  While the rest of my life is in sheer and utter turmoil and it's very difficult to find the words to put on the page, this music helps take me away.  A thought struck me as I typed that - occasionally I get a letter from a reader saying one of my books did that for her. 

Something else to be grateful for.

Random picture of the day - my puppy Liberty Belle, who is nearly 4 months old, asleep on my recliner.

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