Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Well, it's Friday and also the last weekend of July.  The unrelenting heat has me down and the ozone alerts are messing with my asthma in a bad way.  Two more months.  Two more months of heat - here in Texas, the temps don't really start dropping off until October, unfortunately.  August is much like July and often hotter, 100 plus days, blistering sun.  In September, the temps actually drop into the 90's, and then usually late September/early October, we start to see 80's and even - gasp! - 70's, if we're lucky. 

Have I mentioned I hate Texas summers?

I turned in my chapter, after doing a round of edits from both my friend and critique partner Anna Adams and my agent, Lucienne Diver.  I'm happy with it and planning to start on the second chapter (may as well get a head start on the book, right?).  On a plus note, I'm going to see the movie Cowboys and Aliens this weekend and grab some dinner at PF Chang's.

I have been making some awesome salads for lunch though.  I plan to repeat that again today. 

Speaking of food, due to the bad cough/my laziness/the heat/writing, I've been skipping out on the gym this week.  I only went once, on Monday.  Which has caused the end result of me gaining 2 pounds, which I will have to sweat off starting next week.

For now, I plan to enjoy the AC and get started writing chapter 2.