Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

This morning, as I'm looking at another 100 plus degree day looming, I saw a lovely winter scene on my good friend Anna's blog ( She's like me about the summer heat, maybe worse. I can take it to a point - and that point is sitting in the shade under my covered patio with the two ceiling fans on high and misters on and being able to jump into the pool when I can't take it any more. And yes, when it's this hot, the pool water temp is around 90, which is sort of like bathwater. But it's still cooler than the outside, so I love it. Though I confess, these days are often so damn hot that I can't even venture outside to swim. It's air conditioning all the way, baby!

And I do plan to write more today. It may not be on a contracted book, or even a book that anyone will ever read, but I'm going to do it just for me.

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