Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday July 20, 2011

I always watch the weather on the nightly news.  Despite the weatherman being wrong as much as he (or she) is right, these days I've become competitive about the weather.  As in, if I'm going to be stuck in this awful heat, might as well go for a record.  Each night when the weatherperson announces yet another triple digit day, I nod.  Satisfied, I can then brush my teeth and go to bed. 

That doesn't mean I like this heat.  Oh no, on the contrary.  Especially since my darling husband wants to have a garage sale in the middle of it.  (I know, right?)  It's too hot to swim and because I have asthma, the ozone air thingee has me coughing a lot and doing my rescue inhaler as well as my daily Advair.  I still cough though.  It's a mirace I made it through watching the new (and last) Harry Potter movie yesterday without coughing, but I did.  This cough does make working out interesting, to say the least.

I'll leave you with a scene from this past winter.  I feel cooler just looking at it. 

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