Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

We survived the garage sale.  After spending all day Wednesday and all day Thursday setting it up, the garage sale was over in 4 hours on Friday.  As soon as I opened the garage at 8am, truckloads of Mexicans pulled up and pretty much bought everything. And there was a lot of junk - er, stuff.   They had teams of people - I've never seen anything like it.  Four or five people per vehicle and they fanned out, snatching up stuff they wanted.  They were competing with each other and at one point very early on, we had fifteen to twenty people in our garage. 

By noon, we were done. We ate lunch and then hauled what was left (one truck load) to Goodwill and got a tax donation slip. We made $336., which is not bad. We could have made more if we'd priced stuff higher and been willing to sit in the blistering heat for two days, but I didn't want to do that. So I said one dollar to most everything. And it's all gone and the garage is back to normal.

Thankfully, my daughter came over and helped on Thursday and honest to God we couldn't have done it without her help. So Friday night we took her to dinner - her choice - at Spring Creek Barbeque.  It was very good.
Now line edits have arrived on my January book and negotiations are underway about my next contract with Harlequin.  So it's back to writing work for me, and I'm glad.  Especially since the forecasted high today is supposed to be 106.  Yikes!

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Regina Richards said...

I used to do gargae sales. Now I just donate it to charity. Pure laziness on my part.

I admire you for holding a gargage sale in this Texas heat. That takes stamina.