Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Things that make me happy can be simple things, like shoes with sparkly toes.

Or roses from my rose bush in the back yard, as well as store bought roses.

My dog with a ball in his mouth

And the lake - oh, I'm missing the lake place.

I miss my kayak too.

We also have a red-tailed hawk that frequents our backyard.  It's sad, because when you find a bird like that in the suburbs, it's because they've lost their natural habitat.  But the hawk is beautiful and I love watching it fly.

I'm tired today, so that's why all the pictures and little dialogue.  My personal trainer worked my butt off last night, but isn't that the point?  I've been writing on my book that's due May 1st and am about halfway through my word count.

And it's Ash Wednesday which made me feel sad.  If I was a good Catholic, I'd have gone to Mass and gotten the ashes and I'd be fasting today.  I haven't done so since I was a child. 

Tonight I'll go to the gym and do cardio, then hubby and I will grab at bite to eat, probably at Chili's or something.  But first, I've got to finish the word count for today.  Back at it!

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