Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Night, 2-6-2011

I've been surfing on ITunes and found out that Aaron Lewis, the lead singer of Staind, has a country music album out.  I love Staind, love Aaron's voice, so I of course downloaded it and I'm listening to that right now while sipping on a Bud Light. 

I had a nice weekend.  First time ever, I went to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday.  An hour Saturday, half an hour today. I'm hoping for good weight results, since I ate clean and healthy (salmon on the grill tonight, sliced yellow squash, onion, mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli tonight for dinner).  I weigh every Monday and write it down (I have been doing this since 1996) and I'm determined to lose weight.  By the time my big birthday comes in early May, I *will* be at my goal weight.  Determined.   

I wrote on Saturday, took the day off today.  Nice weather for early March.  I'm sort of loving life.  I read some more of the hangliding book, read some more on the healthy eating book, did a bunch of laundry and minimal housework.  Sat outside in the sun and watched the birds in the backyard. 

Then tomorrow it will be Monday.  Back to the day job (I keep reminding myself, short timer, short timer!).

I'm missing the lake and the country and our "redneck resort".  But the book is going well and that's often enough to make me happy. 

Talk to you later!

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