Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I adore this holiday.  Of course, I'm Irish, I enjoy beer, and love the color green.  What's not to like?

This week has been, so far, a good writing week.  This entire month, I have made my word count goals almost every single day and when I didn't, I made it up the following day.

On the workout front, not so much.  I walked 2 miles with my Boxer on Monday, and went to the gym on Tuesday for a training session.  I was tired and for some reason, not at all enthused about working out.  Though I did what my trainer asked me to do, I did it half-heartedly and without gusto.  At the end of the session, he told me he wasn't going to tell me good job, because I'd made it clear that I didn't want to do much.  He was right and I felt like crap. 

So Wednesday rolls around.  My weird and newfound aversion to the gym (for some reason) continued.  I decided to take another two mile, brisk walk rather than go to the gym and do cardio.  I got home and my husband had other plans.  To be fair, I didn't argue, but we went to a local sports bar and ate and drank.  So this morning I gained a pound. 

Now not a big deal, you might say.  But I was hovering right on the edge of losing another pound and really wanted to lose two.  Though my head and my desire were at war - you can't lose weight if you don't eat right and exercise, bottom line.  And tonight, we have family plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day that involve corned beef and cabbage and green beer and another, different sports bar called Beef O'Brady's.  So I'd cancelled my workout with my trainer.

And then on Friday we ALWAYS eat out.  This is a guaranteed recipe for weight disaster!  (Yes, I'm dramatic.  Sue me!)  So I finally texted my trainer and he's going to check the schedule for Friday afternoon.  I have to work out.  Have to.  Since I have a 2 hour hair appt on Saturday, that will be difficult, but I plan to try to get to the gym at least one day on the weekend.  Because I really want to lose weight on Monday weigh day.

It's kind of like writing. (Hey, I had to segue back to writing somehow!).  I will do whatever I have to do to make my word goals. 

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