Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday 7-2-10

I'm going to sin tonight. Planned in advance, as husband told me about it as far back as Sunday. Have spent all week anticipating my sin, even as I lament in advance the effects on my body, if not my soul. Nah. Not the soul part, at least. Maybe on my waistline.

Tonight is burger night. Our every-two-month occurence and one I relish and refuse to give up. I even tried to tell my personal trainer about it, but unfortunately she had my on the treadmill running a quarter mile at 7mph and I couldn't talk. Hell, I could barely breathe.

So anyway, despite the negative results on the scale, I'm going to have a burger. With fries. A nice big, juicy, Chili's burger, like the one pictured below.

This is such an event with my family that my grown daughter is driving over to come have the meal with us. We only get beef burgers every two months, after all. (We sometimes allow ourselves turkey burgers in between, but rarely).

So wish me luck. I'm skipping the gym and going to Chili's!

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