Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday July 26, 2010

Monday has rolled around yet again, as it does. I didn't write this weekend. I intended to, but errands and family fun got in the way. I did go see an excellent movie - Inception - which always inspires me.

So today, I'm back to writing on the next Romantic Suspense book. While technically it's not a Cordasic Legacy book (more of a stand-alone), I'm on my third start, twenty five pages in. I do this, start over again and again until I'm happy with the direction the book is taking.

And this morning, I realized something about the hero, something that wasn't in the synopsis I sent in for approval. Something huge and dark and absolutely perfect. I'm happily writing it now (or was, until I stopped to do this blog).

When the writing is going well, I'm a happy person.

Here's the random picture of the day. He loves to swim!

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