Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, 7-13-10

There's a bunch of stuff I wanted to blog about, so I've got to decide which to go with. Or maybe I'll do a rambling post of numerous things. Let's see. We'll start with...

Working out. Some of you might remember from my old blog, but I've got a personal trainer for the next six months (twice a week). My body isn't too thrilled with this, though my blood pressure is waaay better and I've lost weight. In between the training sessions, I go to the gym and do 30 minutes of cardio. I've been doing elliptical on 12 for one mile, and then treadmill alternating jogging and walking (at 4mp and 5mp with a 2% incline). But my lower back, left leg and knee, are hurting and I sort of think it might be the elliptical. We'll try just doing the treadmill and maybe exercise bike and see how that goes.

Writing - as sometimes happens, while I'm working on a contracted book, I got tons of ideas for non-contracted books. Usually, I just jot them down and file them and go on. This time, I think I'll work on a book on the side. Time permitting, that is. I'll have to do my word count for the SRS first each day, then whatever time I have left over, I can work on the spec book. I'll do three chapters and a synopsis if it works out and see what my agent thinks.

Oh, I got the new book cover for my October release, PROFILE OF SEDUCTION. Here it is.

Nice yes? I think the guy sort of looks like Brad Paisley.

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