Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Tuesday

So here it is, the day I turn in the book.  Ok, I admit it - I've already sent the email.  After so many mishaps starting with just getting the synopsis approved, this book is one I want gone.  I worked on it Monday and planned to do so today as well, but.... Decided it was safer not to.  I emailed it to my editor and then went and gave myself an at-home facial. 

Now, skin taken care off, I've read all my email, checked all the blogs I read daily, and am posting on my blog.  I've organized my desk, put all the papers pertaining to The Millionaire Cowboy's Secret in a file folder, printed the synopsis for the next book, The Broken Wolf, printed the senior editor's notes that she wants me to keep in mind as I write, and counted days until it's due, so I know my minimum daily word count. 

Since I'm going to the Ninc Conference this year (you might remember last year I was all set to go and my Mom got diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and had to get rushed in for emergency surgery when the doctor accidently perforated her intestine).  Mom is still doing chemo and as of today the cancer hasn't spread, so I'm optimistic I'll actually make the conference.  Best of all, my friend Stephanie Doyle is going to room with me!  I haven't seen her since 2009 at the RWA National Conference in D.C., so I'm looking forward to that greatly.

I'm trying to have a calm and restful sort of day before I dive back into the writing grind.  I figure since I worked most of the three day weekend, I deserve it. 

I'll probably do some pre-work, like sketching out scenes etc. 

Oh, and I did put up another one of my old backlist (from 1998) on Amazon.  Here is is on Amazon

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