Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Again

Cooler weather is FINALLY coming and we spent last weekend (and Friday, at the lake.  The temps were lovely and the rain held off until we left.  I got a lot of writing done on my Alphasmart (2,000 words).  Unfortunately, I don't have Wi-Fi there, only my cell phone, so I'm still playing catch up here with email and blogs and stuff. 

I am ready for autumn.  More than ready. 

Today is the day my online short Pack story goes live at  It's under Extras and they post one chapter per week for eight weeks.  This is to celebrate my October Nocturne called The Wolf Princess, which comes out soon.  I've been guest blogging all over the place too.  Plus tweeting and Facebooking etc.

So I'm frazzled and tired and ready to sink myself into my writing.  Here I go.

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