Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Or at least it's starting to feel that way.  Yesterday I went to the gym for the second time this week.  In addition to cardio on the exercise bike and elliptical, I did some machines and free weights.  Nothing too strenuous as I didn't want to stress my poor, lazy-ass muscles.  But still.  It felt wonderful.  Absolutely wonderful. 

Something funny - and nice - my former personal trainer texted me because he hadn't seen me at the gym in forever and was worried all the work I'd put in was going to be for nothing.  He offered to write me up some workouts free of charge.  I got this text on my way out the door to the gym.  I need to thank him, because that is really nice of him.

Bonus points for me - I might have talked my dad, who is 80 and in horrible shape, into getting the free Silver Sneakers gym membership and coming up once a day to walk on the treadmill.  Slowly, of course, but some exercise is better than nothing.  He doesn't own a pair of sneakers and can't tie laces anymore, but I found him some Dr. Scholls at Famous Footwear with velcro closures, so we're going to try those on this afternoon.  That would be great for him - he can get out and also get a little bit of exercise. 

The revisions are coming along nicely and I got word yesterday that the title has changed slightly to THE COP'S MISSING CHILD.  Still cute and catchy, yes?

Anyway, on The Facebook, several readers expressed interest in doing a Painting With A Twist event with me.  So far I've got five people, plus me and my daughter.  I need to get more so I can schedule a private showing, so if you think you'd like to do this in Grapevine, Texas on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in February, shoot me an email at  Put Painting With A Twist in the subject line.  Here's me from another time, with my masterpiece .

And the finished product

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