Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm still working on revisions.  It's funny how when I (or any writer) writes a story, it's like an intricate web.  Each scene and sequel is connected.  Every action has a reaction.  So when you go in and add stuff, it's like tossing a rock into a calm lake - the ripples go out forever. 

So far I've added a couple of characters and some incidents.  All of these have far-flung consequences, turning a simple addition into a major rewrite.  And, despite having worked EVERY SINGLE DAY on this since the end of December, I'm not yet done.  Thank God the editor gave me 4-6 weeks.  Because it would appear that I'm going to need every second of that time. 

That said, it's Friday - my absolute favorite day of the week.  Now that Libby (see previous post) is six months old, it's time to start the leash training part of her training.  She'll learn how to heel and the all-important recall.  She already knows sit and we've been half-assed working on down, but that needs a lot of work.  Also scheduled in the near future - she will be getting spayed.  Poor baby.

I started testing out my walking by doing laps around the pool.  Yesterday I did 1000 extra steps without any pain.  Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers - One Twenty-Five - I've downloaded the free app Lose It for my phone.  And found out I can only have 1356 calories a day if I want to lose weight.  For two days now I've been dutifully logging food and exercise and - drum roll - I've already dropped a pound.  I need to shed the ten (yes TEN) pounds I picked back up after losing them last year.  And I will.  I'm done procrastinating. 

Speaking of which (who knew I was such a procrastinator), I'd better get back to revising. 

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