Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well, it's nearly the end of an era.  The new owner of our insurance agency came by on Sunday and picked up the files.  Today the phones flipped over to his agency.  I did have to call one customer back on my cell phone because she was upset that she hadn't gotten to talk to me.  Sigh. 

With no phones or internet, I started packing stuff and throwing out stuff.  Lonnie and I went out to the local barbeque place and ate.  Then I came home and let the dogs out.  We brought home a long table and the fax and Lonnie is bringing home his work computer so he can work out of the house until everything is settled with the new owner.  Then we have to sell all the furniture and move everything out of the office space.  Crayzee!

On the holiday, we had a busy weekend.  My nephew graduated high school.  We went to that and then a cookout and celebration at his parents (my brother and his wife's) house.  After we got home, we sat out by the pool and swam.   Sunday we met the new owner, helped him load the file cabinets.  One of our tenants, a young massage therapist, also had a friend come and get her stuff.    We cooked bratwurst and swam.

Monday we cooked ribs and yes - swam.  My daughter came over.  Fun day.  The dogs were exhausted from all the frisbee playing and swimming.

Today was a wash - though I have personal training at 5 pm tonight.  Still haven't been able to touch the synopsis's - maybe tomorrow.  I really want those done and sent to my agent.

Wish me luck.

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