Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's cold and rainy here in Texas.  Storms all night long.  High today of 50 or 55.  Really weird weather - not the rain, which we get a lot of in May - but the chilliness.  Completely unexpected.

However, I reworked the last chapter last night, ran spell check this morning, and emailed it off to my lovely editor.  She's already emailed back to let me know she got it and is looking forward to reading it.

So I came into the day job at 7:30am so I could close out the month of April and get caught up.  I've been working furiously - it's nearly 11:30 now.  I will be caught up before I leave today.  Because I'm taking tomorrow off!

PS - I'm also going to the gym after work and working out for an hour with weights and machines as well as cardio.   Because there's no way I'm working out on my birthday!

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