Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today is my 50th birthday.  I've been stressing about it for months, but so far it's been very nice. 

My daughter took the day off from work (she's a 5th grade teacher) and came over.  We went out to breakfast at IHOP (they'd sent me a coupon for a free birthday breakfast).  I had cheese blintzes and fruit, which is my favorite.
My daughter also brought me a really nice juicer, which I wanted.  I can't wait to make healthy juices.  She also brought me a really cool necklace and this hilarious t-shirt.  I love it!

After breakfast, we went shopping.  I got two new pairs of shoes (that I didn't need!) and some personal things at Victoria's Secret.  Then I went to James Avery and purchased a necklace and earrings to commemerate my half a decade.    My husband gave me a new camera, the awesome Nikon D3100.  I can't wait to start using it.

Lastly, I got these beautiful flowers.

Tonite, we're all going out to dinner at Blue Mesa, which is a Mexican place.  I plan to drink some margaritas and chow down on some good food.

So far, a very nice day!


Anna Adams said...

Happy birthday, my bestie! Love you!

Regina Richards said...

Happy Birthday, Karen!