Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday January 11, 2011

So, in my epic quest for fitness and health (HA!), I spent most of last Saturday in search of the ugliest fitness shoes on the planet in my size.  Only two stores in my are sell these things, but due to my personal trainer's threat to have me work out in my socks or (shudder) barefoot, I had to have them.
I found them and $100 later, I took them home.  Last night, I wore them to the gym for the first time.  I wore long pants, too embarressed to wear my normal shorts or capris (plus it was 30 degrees outside!)

They are - bar none - the most comfortable thing I ever put on my feet.  I ran on the treadmill in them and it was incredible.  Amazing!  Gush, gush, gush.  I adore them.  They're still ugly though. 

Tonight, I have my workout with my trainer.  I'm wearing them again, so we'll see how that goes. We're trying to correct a problem that began when I didn't go to physical therapy and rehab my left foot when I broke it.  I turn my foot and ankle in (unconsciously sparing the fifth metatarsal) and my poor right leg does all the work, thus its constant aching.  My trainer wants to help me strengthen the left foot, ankle, and leg. 

Yay!  If it means no more leg/hip/lower back pain, the $100 will be the best money I've ever spent on shoes.  And, despite their hideousness, the shoes may grow on me.

Oh - in case you're interested - they're Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek Sports.  Around here available at Luke's Locker and REI Sports.  

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