Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday January 6, 2011

Today, in the rush of beginning the new book, I want to mention a topic that I'm researching/thinking about because of this book.  You know how when you first meet someone and, even if he's not at all your type, you feel a rush of attraction?  A sort of chemical reaction that strengthens the more you are around this person?  Even if it defies logic, the pull of attraction strengthens?

My heroine in my next book doesn't believe in love.  Sure, she understands sexual attraction.  She's a scientist after all.  But when she meets the hero, even though he is the opposite of what she considers an ideal man, the rush of attraction is nearly overwhelming.  Why? 

Has this ever happened to you?   A sort of delicious flirtation, with possibilities of becoming much, much more?  A sense when you meet someone, of having waited for them your entire life? 

I looked online and read about pheromones and chemical reactions, but I'm not entirely certain I believe in all this.  Of course, that could be because I'm a romance writer and reader, and a romantic at heart.  I tend to believe in true love, mates, soul-halves, and all that other romantic stuff.  In my last book I pondered how one woman could love two men in different ways, though due to length limitations I couldn't really explore that as deeply as I wanted to.  Still, it made for an interesting story (this book CEO's SECRET BABY will be out in June 2011).

In this newest book, I am starting with a flash of instant attraction, on her part.  On his, it's there too, but because he's blind (at least at this point, HQ hasn't given me the green light yet), his attraction is more sensory.  Her voice, and her scent are all he has to work with at first.  Eventually, he will get to touch her (shiver) and trace the outline of her facial bone structure.  Of course later, he'll touch her in other, more intimate places, but we'll leave that for later. 

If anyone has any personal stories with this type of instant attraction becoming more (like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman), please email me at   Or, you can post in the comments section. 

Back to the story.

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