Friday, February 21, 2014

Judging Books

Every year the Romance Writers of American has a huge contest, called The Rita.  It's sort of like The Oscars, but for books.  Winners even get a golden statue.

If one enters, one must judge.  I normally enjoy that.  This year however, I received eight books!

Now rules prohibit me from discussing a particular book specifically.  But when I first looked at my stack, I was slightly disappointed.  Nothing jumped out at me.  No cover or back cover copy intrigued me.

I plowed my way through two of them.  They were ok.  Not bad.  Not great.  Just good.

Then I read the third.  It's a genre I rarely, if ever, read.  But it grabbed me.  I smiled through the entire story. Yes!  That's a Rita book.

Fourth, once again.  Meh.    I've got four left now.  I just started the fifth one and once again, I'm smiling.  It's good.  Entertaining.  Well-written.  I'm enjoying it.

I hope the last three surprise me as well.

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