Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Month

Well, the pool is all done.  Sort of.  We have a pool service coming three times a week to brush the new plaster, vacuum up the sediment (we're told it's normal for that stuff to bleed sediment at first), and treat it with chemicals.

The last two weeks of January, I worked solely on The Long Wait, the book that's due today.  I didn't make it - I still have a bit to go, but in two weeks I wrote 14,318 word on that story which is roughly 71 pages. Not bad, though not the amount I needed.

But... I'm loving the story, both the suspense and the romance are working out (I'm in awe of my subconscious mind sometimes.  I thought I'd written myself into a corner, but had an epiphany while watching American Idol one night.

So there's that.

Now however, due to deadlines, I have to go back to working on both books.  I must write a minimum of 1500 words on the Colton Continuity and 1000 words on The Long Wait, which will make it approximately 2 weeks late.

So I'd better get busy.  

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