Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Ice of March

Today was my daughter's birthday.  We had plans to meet for breakfast, then go shopping in Dallas at North Park Mall, then had a mani-pedi appt at 3:00 and were going to dinner after that.

Woke up to 31 degrees and freezing rain.  Yesterday was 84 and sunny.  We managed to meet at the local IHOP for breakfast, and then came back to the house.  The freezing rain turned to sleet, to snow, back to sleet.  She went home (about 11 miles away.)  Her birthday has been postponed.

Meanwhile, the temp keeps dropping.  This is crazy for March.  Since she was born 34 years ago today, I do no ever remember having an ice storm on her birthday.  It's rained, sure.   It's usually windy and a bit chilly.

Here's some photos.  Note the flowering Bradford Pear tree in the first one - poor tree thought Spring had arrived.

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