Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Musings

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  Years ago, my husband and I used to make reservations and go eat fancy dinners.  One year, we didn't feel like it and we cancelled our reservation and went to Chili's for hamburgers. Hamburgers are a treat as we don't allow ourselves to have them very often - someones not for a month or two - as we're always battling our weight.

So now the tradition has evolved of our V-Day hamburgers.  Sadly, Chili's shrunk theirs and this year we have to figure out where to go.  I asked around and got various responses - In-and-Out, Kincaid's, Twisted Root, Five Guys, Applebee's, etc.  We've tried several of these and while I love them, they're not exactly what I had in mind for celebrating.

We've narrowed it down to Red Robin and Cheddar's.  I guess we'll decide tomorrow.

Other than that, I've been working.  Yesterday wasn't too good as I had an eye exam that seriously strained my eyes.  I left at 8:30 am and by the time I went by Visionworks and picked out frames, it was lunch time. And my eyes never stopped hurting.  I worked, but got less than a third of what I usually accomplish done.

Today will be better.

Oh, and Katniss says Happy Valentine's Day a day early!

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