Friday, January 24, 2014

Just About Done

 Ok, so they plastered on Wednesday and started filling the pool.  Here's the plaster and the hose filling it.

It filled all the rest of the day and all night.  Being paranoid, I got up several times Wednesday night to check on the water level.  We finally shut it off around 9 on Thursday morning.

The crew showed up Thursday to do the mastic, which is their final step.  But a cold snap had come through and the temp was dropping like a rock.  It was 24 F in the afternoon and last night dropped to 15 F.  So they're going to come do the rest of the job on Saturday.

The wind was also blowing like crazy, so there are leaves in the pool.  Here is the pool full.

We also hired a pool company to do the start up for us.  This involves setting up the right balance of chemicals and brushing the plaster every other day.  They are coming out this morning.  We have a salt water pool and they said no salt can be in it yet.  We also cannot use the creepy crawly, our pool vacuum.

This is mid-January, the middle of winter.  I can't wait to see how cool it will look this summer.  And to swim in!

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Anna Adams said...

It is beautiful! It looks so natural. I don't blame you for being anxious for summer to come!